• May 18, 2024
Colostrum Nutrition, Benefits, and Downsides

What Is Colostrum Nutrition, Benefits, and Downsides

Dietitian and Fitness Expert at lotuscbdbotanicals.com
Dietitian and Fitness Expert – Lund University, MS

Nutrition plays an important role in human life. Eating habits are one of the factors that affect our health. There is often a misconception among people that nutritionists force a very restrictive diet, but that is not true. In fact, I don’t ban any products, but I point out dietary mistakes and help change them by giving tips and new recipes that I’ve tried myself. I advise my patients not to resist change and to be purposeful. Only with willpower and determination can a good result be achieved in any area of life, including changing eating habits. When I don’t work, I love to go climbing. On a Friday evening, you are most likely to find me on my couch, cuddling with my dog and watching some Netflix.

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Marie Salbuvik

Introduction: olostrum is a unique substance produced by mammals, including humans, in the first few days after giving birth. Often referred to as “liquid gold,” colostrum is a highly concentrated and nutrient-rich fluid that provides vital nourishment and immune support to newborns. In recent years, colostrum has gained attention as…

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